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The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is the world's leading end-user computer skills certification program offering youth an internationally accredited certification at no cost. ICDL Egypt is available in multiple training and testing centers across the country. It is intended for those who wish to acquire IT knowledge and skills in compliance with international standards  More
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For the avoidance of doubt, ECDL Foundation would like to confirm that candidate registration numbers worldwide are issued with a country prefix (e.g. ZA for South Africa) generated by the certifying authority in that country.

In Egypt, in order to distinguish administratively between candidates registering on the programme through the MCIT government scholarship scheme and candidates registering via the standard route, two codes are used (EGY and EG respectively).

In each case the standard of examination taken and the certification issued is exactly the same, with  the international certifying authority being the ECDL Foundation.

Whether an Egyptian candidate is issued with an EGY or EG prefixed number, their qualification is identical to that issued by any other ICDL certifying authority anywhere in the world and will be accepted as such.
Daniel Palmer, RegDaniel Palmer, Regional Development Manager, ECDL Foundation

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