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The Minister of Communicationss and Information Technology Atef Helmy witnessed today the signing of a cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communicationss and Information Technology (MCIT) and ICDL Arabia to launch 152 thousand International Computer Driving License (ICDL) grants to enhance skills of employees at the administrative body of the state and civil society.

The three-year protocol, subject to renewal, aims to activate the 100 thousand ICDL grant for employees of the government and administrative body of the state. The protocol is in line with Egypt’s government efforts to sharpen calibers’ ICT skills and contribute to implementing e-government project.

Helmy has said the state is keen to develop skills of employees of the administrative body and provide them with latest technology programs that will enable them to easily carry out their duties, bearing in mind the ICT role in facilitating Communications with citizens and providing services while saving time and effort of all parties.

  • Male    90%
  • Female     75%
  • Age 10-20     68%
  • Age 20-30     95%

Total numbers of Egyptian ICDL certified is 866,424 since 2009.

Accomplished by education level

College Degree


High School Diploma


School Students


PhD and Master


Accomplished by Gender





A total of 7,002,324 tests were executed with a success rate of 83%

March 2012

Ministry of Communications & Information Technology conducted a limited practice (No 6 for the year 2012) to select an international certificate in basic ICT skills to avail a new scholarship for one year project duration. After a tough competition between peer companies, ICDL Egypt LLC had won the tender & consequently a contract signed by the Egyptian ministry for Communications & information technology and the ECDL-F for launching a new phase for ICDL Egypt scholarship for one just year (2012 / 2013 ).

November 2010

Egypt won a Best Practices Award at the ECDL Annual Forum 2010
held in the city of Bonn, Germany, and that winning for the research study carried out by the Egyptian National Programme for the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) managed by the Ministry of Communicationss and Information Technology, entitled " A Study of the Effects of Egypt’s National ICDL Training and Certification Scholarship Program " which focused mainly on the effect of certifying fresh graduates with ICDL on employment.