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  What is the ICDL?
  How can I get certified?
  How does the ICDL program work?
  What benefits does the ICDL have for me?
  Why get certified?
  When can I start the ICDL?
  How much do tests cost?
  How do I get a copy of the ECDL Syllabus?
  How is the Syllabus Validated?
  Who should I contact about ICDL Testing?
  What happens when all modules are passed?
  What is the procedure for becoming an accredited Training or Test Centre?
  Can we use the ICDL logo on our website and marketing material?
  What is ECDL?
  What is the difference between ECDL and ICDL?
  Why ICDL is effective?
  Where can I get more information about ICDL Egypt?

What is the ICDL?
The international Computer Driving License (ICDL) is global program aiming at raising the general level of competence in IT in all sectors of the society and, therefore, Promoting life-long e-learning. The program main objective is to establish a benchmark for basic computer skills giving the opportunity for the Arab population to effectively join the new information age and consequently leading to fulfilling the ultimate objective of computer literacy.

The ICDL concept is owned by the ICDL/ECDL Foundation, which is a non-profit organization based in Dublin, Ireland. The Foundation was formed to coordinate the introduction and cooperation of the ICDL/ECDL concept throughout the world through a network of licensees. UNESCO Cairo Office was the ICDL licensee till mid of 2011 in Egypt, Jordan, and a number of neighboring countries.

The ECDL –F is now represented in Egypt by The ICDL Egypt office located in Cairo as of 2012 to operate the ICDL program.

The ICDL has become a widely recognized qualification in both personal and work-related computer use. The program is currently featured in over 140 countries worldwide and offered in more than 40 languages

How can I get certified?
The ICDL is awarded upon the completion of seven Modules ranging from essential concepts of IT, word-processing and spreadsheets to using Email and the internet. Through this modular structure, the ICDL provides a flexible learning approach.

  • Module 1 - Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files
  • Module 3 - Word Processing
  • Module 4 - Spreadsheets
  • Module 5 - Using Databases
  • Module 6 - Presentation
  • Module 7 - Web Browsing and Communication

The above Modules may be taken in any order and within the span of three months from the data of the first test. All modules, except the first one, are manifestations of practical skills. The tests are tasks-oriented and are typical of day-to-day computer operations.

How does the ICDL program work?
To achieve an ICDL, the candidate must register on this website from the
Registration link and select the ICDL certified center from the offered list

After After passing the qualification/assessment exams at the selected ICDL certified centers, candidates join the ICDL training. Candidates successfully pass one theoretical and six practical tests. When a candidate registers to start the ICDL certification process s/he attends the ICDL training (free of charge) with maximum duration of 70 hours at the assigned ICDL certified training center. Candidate pays L.E. 200 for Training & testing scholarship or 70 L.E. for testing only scholarship as insurance fees refunded upon the successful completion of the seven modules. When all seven modules are completed the candidate receives the ICDL certification. These tests can be attended in any order and at any time and must be successfully completed within a maximum duration of four months for Training & testing scholarship or three months for testing only scholarship. Only an approved test centre can carry out testing and issue Skills Cards no. This timeframe may be changed from time to time for specific programs or requirements.

What benefits does the ICDL have for me? Without the proof of having basic IT-knowledge it is currently almost impossible to find a working-place or to advance occupationally. The ICDL convinces with its modular conception: You can exactly get the expertise you really need for your present or future employment. Furthermore, the ICDL is internationally recognized which is another big advantage. Not only IT-users can benefit from the ICDL - there are good reasons to have a closer look at the certificate for students, schools and organizations as well.

Why get certified?
Expert recognition of your learning and skills: Obtaining an ICDL certification means you are now an internationally certified candidate upto international standards and qualifications
Better employment opportunities: In addition to proving your ability to use computer applications, your skills are recognised in 146 countries around the world by governments, employers and academic institutions.
Flexible learning and skills: An ICDL Foundation certification stands for flexible, vendor-neutral skills. The skills you acquire will help you work with applications from most software companies both now and in the future.

When can I start the ICDL?
You can start the ECDL or ICDL at any time by contacting any of the accredited ICDL Test Centers near you and obtaining an electronic Skills Card no.. You should check the ICDL Syllabus before hand to familiarize yourself with the seven modules upon which you will be tested. You should undertake training at an ICDL Centre on any or all the modules if needed. Once you are ready, you may take a test for any of the modules in any order you choose.

How much do tests cost?
The Ministry of communications and Information Technology offers the first 7 exams for the 7 modules free of charge. In case of failing in a subject, candidates are obliged to pay 20 L.E. fees to the testing center upon subject repetition up to a maximum of extra two exams for the whole scholarship.

How do I get a copy of the ECDL Syllabus?

A copy of the ICDL Syllabus is available for downloading from the Syllabus section of this website or from the ECDL Foundation website. Please note that the ECDL Foundation holds the copyright and that the syllabus is for the use of candidates for the ECDL/ICDL only.

How is the Syllabus Validated?
The ICDL is the world's leading end-user computing skills standard. It is underpinned by documented expert opinion from the world's leading computer societies and other expert groups.

Syllabus content for the ICDL certification program has been developed with inputs from the ECDL-F expert working groups comprised of professionals with wide-ranging specialist IT skills and through consultation with courseware providers and end-users

The ICDL is based on a single agreed syllabus document. The syllabus lists the facts to be known and the skills that must be mastered for a candidate to achieve the ICDL certification. To maintain the ICDL as the worldwide standard, the ICDL syllabus has evolved over the last six years from Version 1.5 to Version 5.0.

Who should I contact about ICDL Testing?
For ICDL testing, you should contact an approved Test Center. For ICDL training, please contact approved Training Centers in your area. Candidates should ensure that the training they receive meets the requirements of the official ICDL Syllabus.

What happens when all modules are passed?
When aWhen a candidate passes all tests, s/he can exchange the Skills Card for the ICDL Certificate as a proof of having reached the necessary standard of IT skills knowledge and competence. . Candidates pay 200 L.E insurance fees for the training testing scholarship , or 70 L.E. for Testing only scholarship to the assigned accredited center, refundable upon passing all seven modules successfully.

What is the procedure for becoming an accredited Training or Test Centre?
Please contact the ECDL Cairo office for accreditation.

Can we use the ICDL logo on our website and marketing material?
No. The ECDL and ICDL Logos and concept are registered trademarks and may only be used by prior agreement or as part of a formal agreement between ECDL and third parties. For more information or queries, please contact ECDL Foundation.

What is ECDL?
ECDL Foundation is the global governing body of the world's leading end-user computer skills certification program, European Computer Driving License (ECDL), which is known as International Computer Driving License (ICDL) outside Europe.
ECDL Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping to raise the general level of computer skills in society and providing access for all to the Information Society. ECDL Foundation supports the European Union's i2010
strategy ? a European Information Society for growth and employment.

What is the difference between ECDL and ICDL?
There's no difference but the name. Outside Europe the ECDL is known as International Computer Driving License (ICDL). The ECDL is just as recognized in the ICDL-countries as the ICDL is in European countries.

Why ICDL is effective?
ICDL is not like any other qualification - although it utilizes the positive aspects of the best. It is fast becoming the most widely recognized qualification in the field of work-related computer use, because it is targeted at the full spectrum of the population. It is a qualification which targets everyone regardless of age and education background.

Furthermore, it is generic and does not demand a specific application product. Finally and most importantly, the qualification has countless benefits for its holder, for the employers, and for the whole community.

Where can I get more information about ICDL Egypt?
Contact us if you have a question concerning the ICDL which is not answered on this page.

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