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Join the eleven million ICDL candidates allover the world and obtain the ICDL, an internationally recognized qualification that certifies your level of skill and enhances your advancement prospects.

 Who is ICDL for?
 How to Get Started?
 What can I learn?
 Why get Certified?

Who is ICDL for?
ICDL is an information technology (IT) certificate for all Egyptian citizens who need to, or wish to, demonstrate to an international standard that they are fully competent in the use of a personal computer and common computer applications and that they know the essential concepts of IT. It is suitable for people from every work discipline and for those entering the job market and wish to have IT knowledge and skills.

  • All candidates must have the Egyptian nationality
  • All candidates must have basic knowledge of common computer applications and IT concepts
  • Once a candidate has his / her reservation voucher issued in a center, no transfer is allowed from one center to another
  • Candidates pay 200 L.E. insurance fees for the training testing scholarship , or 70 L.E. for Testing only scholarship to the assigned accredited center, refundable upon passing all seven modules successfully.
  • Candidates are allowed to benefit from MCIT’s sponsorship of tests in the seven modules only once
  • In case of failing in a subject, candidates are obliged to pay 20 L.E. fees to the testing center upon subject repetition up to a maximum of extra two exams for the whole scholarship. Knowing that retaking failed module is not allowed on the same day.
  • Documents to be submitted to ICDL center: Copy of ID, and copy of military exemption certificate.
  • Candidates’ receipt of electronic Skills Cards no. depends on priority of their registration and admission

How to Get Started?
  1. Register Online (the ICDL center is selected in the online registration form)
  2. Go to selected ICDL center, submit required documents, pay the insurance fees, and get the reservation voucher in addition to insurance fees receipt
ICDL training is delivered through a variety of media, including traditional classroom based, instructor-led methods, and self-directed, assignment or multimedia based training (CBT), which is usually a home study option.
  • ICDL Core test is an Automated Testing - Many centers use automated testing software, where Candidates undertake a test on a computer, which then automatically assesses the candidate's performance, and provides immediate pass/fail feedback to both the centre and the candidate. The use of automated testing simplifies the testing and administration procedures in a test centre, and make it very efficient.
  • The duration of each test is 45 minutes. No books or other help may be used during the tests.
  • The pass mark for each test is set to be 75%.
  • The seven tests may be taken in any sequence.
  • ICDL Egypt training and testing scholarship should not exceed 4 months or 3 months for testing only scholarship As of issuing the applicant’s reservation voucher in the center
  • Candidates failing ICDL tests are allowed to retake tests on their own expenses (only for extra 2 exams). Knowing that retaking failed module is not allowed on the same day.

The ICDL Core Certificate is awarded when all seven module tests have been successfully completed. The certificate will NOT be issued immediately by the Test Centre. ECDL - F will issue the certificate that is provided at no cost just for one time by MCIT and pass this on to the Test Centre. The Candidate will collect the certificate from the Test Centre where s/he is assigned to. There is no fee involved in issuing the ICDL certificate.
What can I learn?

The ICDL syllabus is designed and updated by a panel of experts to ensure relevance to the working world and advances in technology, covers the key concepts of computing, their practical applications and use in the workplace and society. It consists of seven modules, each of which must be passed before the ICDL certificate is awarded. Currently ICDL Egypt offers ICDL Core Syllabus V5.0.

ICDL Module 1 is a theoretical test of computing knowledge at a general level and modules 2-7 are practical skills tests, as follows:

  • Module 1 - Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files
  • Module 3 - Word Processing
  • Module 4 - Spreadsheets
  • Module 5 - Using Databases
  • Module 6 - Presentation
  • Module 7 - Web Browsing and Communication

Why get Certified?
  • Expert recognition of your learning and skills
    Obtaining an ICDL certification means you are now an internationally certified candidate upto international standards and qualifications
  • Better employment opportunities
    In addition to proving your ability to use computer applications, your skills are recognised in 146 countries around the world by governments, employers and academic institutions.
  • Flexible learning and skills
    An ICDL Foundation certification stands for flexible, vendor-neutral skills. The skills you acquire will help you work with applications from most software companies both now and in the future.
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